Saturday, April 4, 2009

Contrary to Columbia J-School Teachings, You SHOULD Embrace New media

Nieman's Joshua Benton takes a stab at traditional, old-school media, and reminds us to think about new methods of communication. Newspapers could get away with pushing stories into a "newspaper box" when there wasn't competition. "Newspapers need to make people deliriously happy when they read their content," he said.

"How would you tell this story to your buddy at the bar, how would you tell it?" he asks, noting that there's a huge gap between this and how we write a newspaper article. "I think there is room to close that gap."

Blind spots of traditional newspapers:
- stories without a news peg
- small updates not worth a headline
- stories the competition go to first
- quasi corrections (if they get something wrong that is broad and profound, rather than just small facts)
- 'Too much attention'
- Glaciers - things that move very slowly over a long period of time
- Niches

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