Saturday, April 4, 2009

Narrative journalists gotta have rhythm

"If you wrote it down, [Bob Dylan's Tangled up in Blue] wouldn't look like a song, it would look pretty much like narrative. Does that tell you anything about what you attribute to poetry only? " Hale asked.

The still not quite alert college journalists didn't answer, so Hale decided to bring us up to speed.

"Very much part of language in narrative journalism, there very much be a sense of rhythm ... I would hold that part of narrative journalism is that the quality of the sentences is part of the whole mix," she said.

Also, Hale just said of Shaggy's "Angel":

"It has rhyme... incarceration..."

Abby and I both agreed that we don't like the song very much, though that doesn't detract from its ability to illustrate some modern lyric narrative.

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