Saturday, April 4, 2009

Big Changes in News

Alan Murray's Predictions on How the Industry Must Change

1. Every news organization can't do everything. Eventually, news orgs. will have to pick and choose because it's not reasonable to have bureaus everywhere without a monopoly.

2. News orgs. are going to have to pay much closer attention to their readers. We need to acknowledge that it's no good to write an article that nobody's going to read.

3. We're clearly going to have a lot of experimentation online like GlobalPost and ProPublica.

4. News orgs. are going to have to figure out what people are willing to pay for. Figure out what it is that you can cover better than anyone else and make people pay for it.

5. Journalists today have to be involved in finding and building their own audience. The best people on the web are those that understand what it takes to bring people to your content, build communities, etc. Journalists have to be entrepreneural now.

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